NWSS believes the health and safety of our employees and those of our clients is a reflection of our success.  The development of OH & S policies and programs and their successful integration into the workplace enhances our growth and development.  We strive to ensure our customers not only meet O H & S regulations but support a safe and healthy workplace and community.  Reducing workplace injuries and disease leads to reduced costs and enhanced worker morale and performance.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in the workplace and communities we serve by being a leader in providing effective programs, products and services which prevent injuries and illness and which set the standard for the industry.

We provide a full range of safety products including:

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Auditing
  • Program development
  • Training Courses 
  • Equipment
  • Investigation
  • Administration

Our Values:

  • Respect our clients, employees and communities where we live
  • Trust and integrity
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Providing value added service “Expect the unexpected”.
  • Leading by example

Northwest Safework Solutions specializes in technical safety training, safety consulting services and equipment supply.  
As a safety and emergency management systems company, we work with and serve Law enforcement, military, government institutions, private, corporate and industrial clients.   A company focused on assisting business and community in protecting their most vital resources: their Employees.
We assist our clients in identifying their core safety and emergency management needs with detailed assessment and analysis that move towards the development of programs and procedures.  
We can identify your safety needs, develop programs, and supply the right equipment to meet your specific requirements.

Solving all your safety needs.....is our business